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I love shopping...

As I mentioned before...I have abandoned knitting Honeymoon Cami. For whatever reason, we don not get along. I don't like the way it was coming out and at this point don't see a reconciliation in our future...SO, I decided to pick something different to knit for my cousin. I have decided on Ribby Cardi from Chic Knits. I bought the pattern a couple of days ago...took a look at it and a ton of blogs of others who have knit it...and I think I am now ready. I just ordered the yarn ('s Peruvian Highland Wool) I will 2 beautiful colors of blue (antique for the body and tapestry for the sleeves). I can't tell you how excited I get about ordering new yarn!! I ran into a moment of panic, when after I placed my order, I went back to check it and realized I ordered all the yarn in the same color. Thankfully, I checked...I quickly sent an email explaining my mistake and am happy to report that it has already been corrected and my yarn will be on its way tomorrow.

On other knitting news, I have started knitting Retro Redux Shrug 3 times already. I finally thought I had it right, when I found yet another mistake...DAMN!! I hope I get it right next time. I haven't really worked on anything else...I started the booties for Sandy...but tried something new and didn't like it so I ripped them out (no big deal, I was only about 4 rows in). I'm hoping to get something going soon, though thanks to the wonderful people in knitting, I realized that I need to re-swatch for my I may wind up working on that tonight. We shall see.
Tags: new projects, retro redux shrug, swatching
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